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Hey I am revoking all Geo Tag permission and anything that deals with Pathtag. When originally asked, I said "sure" not realizing it was not a PSP TUBE site.

From now on any asking of permission has to be privately messaged. Asking in comments will not be valid.

Hey! Just to let you all I am looking into selling prints on my website store
Also, if you like the Sailor Scouts I am doing, please check out all the progress and updates I post on my Facebook like page here:…

Thank you everyone so much for the Birthday Wishes!! :D I was so happy to come on and to see so many!

Hey everyone! I have had quit a few people message me on people tracing my art, which I am VERY grateful for! I have had a few people in the past flat out trace my work and sell it. One girl claimed she had every right to redraw my work because she changed more than 50% of it. In her case, I placed my art on top of hers and all she did was move an arm X_X she then proceeded to tell me she thought of the ideas on her own and that I was copying her... which was even more hilarious when I pointed out that DA has a nifty thing called a time stamp and my work was posted 2 years before hers. Ahhh you amuse me.
using my work as pose reference is totally cool. As long as it's your own character and it does not resemble mine in any way. there are only so many poses out there, and there is no difference if I draw a character sitting to the left or you draw a character sitting to the left...just make sure when I see it, I can tell it was used for the pose and not just an eyballed drawing of something I did.

Eyeballing IS tracing. "But I didn't TRACE it" Eyeballing is when I take a drawing someone did, and draw it out exactly. Eyeballing is a GREAT way for learning. I had to do it all in high school. I would reproduce art in different mediums, which taught me a lot about color and shading. I don't use those pieces in a portfolio, they were a learning tool that produced some fantastic art I can display on my walls for personal use. Eyeballing a drawing is using your eyes as the photocopy machine and your hands as the ink. If it produced the same exact piece it is traced, regardless if it is good or not. 

Sorry for the mega upload to DA! I have been so busy with back to back cons I just didnt get a chance to upload many of my creations :) Some were sold and some are still available for purchase :)

I will be making lots more for Animazement! Stay tuned! 
WOO! Megacon was great guys! I had SO MUCH FUN! 
My next convention will actually be Animazement in NC! I also will be back in my home state of FL for Metrocon :) 

Not much of an update for now, but I was SO HAPPY to see fans of mine come to my booth! It was so awesome! :D

Katsucon was a great success and I really hope to come back next year!

The next con I will be at will be Megacon in Orlando Florida :) I hope to see some of you there!

So as some of you know I will be selling at Katsucon this year :D
I will be in artist alley, with my sister so please stop by and say hello!

I need to hustle and get stuff done @_@ 
Hey everyone!  My store is officially up and ready! I will be adding more to it through  the week and fixing it  :3 you can get to my store through

Ahh yes I know...FINALLY X3

I will have my hats and artwork up for sale coming Monday, September 30th. I am still new to shipping internationally so I apologize in advance if shipping costs fluctuate. 
...and yeah..short post is short XD

Just a repost from my Facebook page :3 I felt it important enough to share here on DA, especially since this is where my art can be found and where I get most of my comments and questions.....

I didn't get to watch the Heroes of Cosplay episode yet (its taped x3) but I already have heard some things about it that of course upset quit a few people in the community. 
I just have to say, I love seeing all interpretations of my designs. I love the creativity that everyone does to make the costume unique, and it makes me proud that I inspired so many people to use that creativity. I have gotten so many emails and messages thanking me for re designing a Harley Quinn that can be used for all body types. Was it done on purpose? Yes. It was. I always loved Harley Quinn and always dreamed of cosplaying her, but I never had the body to pull off her suit. So challenge excepted. I wanted to re design an outfit while keeping true to her character. Actually, I was going to add a skirt. .but then the art work got popular and was like..oh well! Then, I noticed some girls went ahead and did skirts. It made me happy! It made people realize that they can do a character design and change it to fit their level of comfort regardless of body type. Some girls added cute little jackets to Ivy, and made longer bustles. .it didn't matter..they still kept true to the design and it inspired them to do a character that they possibly never thought they could do. 
My personal point is...who cares about perfection. Do you look like your character you are portraying? Yes? Good. That's all that matters in the end. Don't be scared to think outside the box. Don't be afraid of redesigning a cosplay to fit your level of comfort. Are you super confident and want to sex things up?..go for it! Are you afraid a character might be to risqué? Then try redesigning it (hell I do all the time hahaha)! Either way be happy with yourself, feel amazing in anything you wear and don't be afraid to be different.
Woo Dragoncon next week! Anyone going? I will be there for fun, not selling x3 I hope to run into some of you! 
So after this post blew up on Facebook,  Syfy gave me proper credit on their website. My husband also informed me that all the photographers information were also put up!

I know..another Heroes of Cosplay post...cosplayers everywhere are like uhhg... but please hear me out...
My name is Jen and go under the artist NoFlutter, and the Heroes of Cosplay did have an impact on my life. Why might you ask? Oh that's because I am the artist who designed Monika Lee's Alternate Poison Ivy. Wait whaaat?? But that design is like..all over the internet and so many cosplayers have been doing it. Uh yeah.  I know.  This is a problem I need address because it is coming bigger for me and probably many many other artists... we aren't getting credit.

I'm not talking im talking a simple... hey "cosplay done by so and so art by NoFlutter (insert link)" done. That's it. Im very simple. That is ALL I ever ask of, even on my DeviantArt. I understand some people find my art work other ways and don't know..but it does not take very long to find who the original artist is on google. 

Ok... back to my point. 
I was never asked if my design could be used. I did have a nice conversation with Monika after finding out about the show, and I was very honored she would chose my design, I would of said yes anyways, but my simple terms and conditions were not met on the Heroes of Cosplay's page (not Monika's fault of course,  I mean who cares about the little people right SyFy?). 
Yes..Poison Ivy is owned by DC, but my design is not. It was a concept drawing I did of the three sirens as an idea for my own amusement. I never even thought about it being so popular. 
When a designer draws out an idea for someone and they use it on the red carpet its not what are you wearing.."a dress" its.."a gown by (insert designer)" a simple shout out that cost zero dollars can change a person's life.  I'm no amazing designer or artist,  but even still, it was mine and I'm proud of it. 

Yes the show is about these people making costumes and this world of cosplay, and they are amazing artists but what I'm more upset about is the lack of credit from any concept artists to photographers.

I am a humble person, I don't have money, I'm just a stay at home mom who happens to draw and craft. But it's a sad day when I'm doing a convention and have my prints up and I get accused of stealing my own work. 
This is do to lack of credit. This is do to thinking art work is free to use. Making a costume off of a design does not mean the design is now yours. 
Because I love the cosplay community I will continue to share my work. I am honored when anyone cosplays my designs whether its a well know cosplayer or the girl next door. I'm just happy you liked it enough. Just me.

This is just my little story. I know this is really common and there will be the typical "that's what you get for posting your art on the internet" posts. What I have to say to them is well if you know this is typical..why don't you stop it? I do it all the time...if I see something with no credit I make sure it's posted in the comments or even gone as far to message the person. Simple. 

I feel this should be another hot topic in the cosplay community and we need to address it more. Especially for photographers. I get this feeling from people I have met in the past that they feel because they took more time to make the costume that they deserve more credit and don't bother giving photography credit.
 Uh no. Without the person to draw out your character, or the photographer to set you up, fix the lighting, take their time to make you look amazing in ever angle, then go through 1000 photos staring at every flippin' pixel to see which one is better (because trust me..there are differences) then narrow it down to maybe 10 shots..then its like an hour a photo for better give them damn credit.

If anyone would like to see what hats are currently for sale please check out my Facebook Like Page :)
Hey everyone! I will be at Metrocon in Tampa this year in the vendor room :) I hope to see some of you there! I will be selling my new Wing Maid bands and some new hat designs so please come by and check it out :3
I just wanted to say thank you all for the birthday wishes :D they mean so  to me!! 
Also,  Metrocon in Tampa is in July, I will be there in the vendor room, not Artist Alley. I lost my table by accident and had to get a booth ^_^;; no big deal, I might need the booth anyway because my husband is selling some Kirgirami's he is making....and they are amazing! I also will be selling some artwork and some new products I will be debuting at Metrocon this year :D I am actually really excited! 
So I recently got a message from a fan asking if they could draw fan art of my fan art of my Alternate Harley Quinn and sell it. I didnt really know what to say.. I mean I dont own the characters, just the design of the outfits and the drawing. I guess I own the idea of their looks? This is a grey area which I had a feeling was going to come up eventually. ....
I ended up politely telling her I would prefer her not to and this is why...
When I was in NC I was selling my print, even had girls cosplay as them.... no one realized I was the original artist because even though the picture is well known I get zero credit in most places (Hell, at one con a couple of kids thought I was selling stolen work...and thats a problem). One kid was like..OMG! You are like internet famous!! Am I? I dont think so ( LOL I got my 15 minutes and a gold star XD) I dont have that many followers hahaha... I'm pretty humble and I honestly do not make a lot of money from doing this. I myself obviously love fan art and are all for artists being able to sell fan art ...but those characters and designs are already well known. It is also a great way for big companies or original characters to gain popularity.  Fan art of Fan art?...I just dont know...I think this is also going to be a problem for my Gender Bender Jack and Sally. Apparently on tumblr its been Reblogged A LOT...but not from the original source (me) if it was I would have waaay more followers and credit LOL.  

Also, drawing or redesigning a popular character is kinda difficult. Fan art artists want to show that style is cool come to my booth..I think outside the my art XDD fan art is a great way to get artists and designers known. I actually sell more of my original art BECAUSE of my fan art...which is what we artists want.

I guess what I am saying is that,  I cant stop anyone from redrawing my fan art and selling it, but you now know how I feel about it. I went out of my way to try to make something that is over done, cool and different again, and it wouldnt be fair to me in the long run, so sorry.

As a note:
This journal entry is in no way directed to the fan who messaged me. Actually she was really sweet and did an awesome job cosplaying. I am actually really happy she even had the courtesy to ask. She just brought up an issue that I was actually kinda worried about and felt I should address my feelings on the subject :)
I just want to say that I had a WONDERFUL time at Animazment 2013 :D I met so many new and wonderful people and everyone was really amazing and nice!  I also met quit a few fans of my work and did not realize that I was so well known ^_^;; it made me giggle when people would walk by and stop...stare in confusion at my prints then ask...wait...are you the original artist?? XD Yes..its me...I just dont have fancy banners and awesome matching business cards LOL XD
Everyone was so great and I really really hope I am able to come back next year :3
Sorry for the lacking of updates..I have been really really busy with my crafts for the cons ^_^; I have been updating on facebook and instagram, but only glimpses of the hats I have been producing. Im trying really hard to make money so I can get a new computer.  I have been dying to draw digitally and I still have art to finish ( pirate Harley ;-; )!
In two weeks I will be at Animazment in NC and it will be my first out of Florida convention!  Im nervous and excited and I hope to meet some cool new people :D

Please feel free to follow me on facebook and tumblr :3 I can easily update to them from my phone which is what I currently only have access too. I will add some hats I had made to my gallery asap :)
Hey everybody!  Sorry to say but I am not going to take any sort of commission for awhile. I have to much to do in a short amount of time. I have 3 cons in May and I have to make a LOT  of stuff :3